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How to custom made pin badges

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1. Where to use the pin badge and What's it would be.

The function of pin badges which you want to make is the most important for you to custom made a badge. School badges , coins or employee service award. We can also give you some good ideals to made it. It's our basic ability for one China badges factory. Badges manufacturer must improve all the ability not only in production but give clients a good feeling and custom service.

If you did not have any concept, we will guide and inspire you to finish it. Examples, your target market is students, then school badges and other relatively fashionable badge will be more appropriate.

2. Choose pin badges process and types

---- view more details about the badge types for custom made badges.

Emboss badges : stamped with enamel badges , die struck, die cast badges(gold, nickel or others finish)
Badges with flat surface: printed badges , cloisonne, stamped with imitation enamel, photo etched

Badges with gradual change of colors: The only badge type for gradual badge is Offset Printed, clear dome epoxy will be placed on the badge's surface to protect the photograph and colours.

Emboss badges and imitation enamel badges are the most popular badge in our factory

3. materials: copper (recommended), stainless steel, iron (low prices, but easy to rust, not recommended), other non-metallic materials , PVC Rubber such as water, please use the pvc, and other materials are not afraid of water)

4. Badge accessories : the default are back pin post, butterfly clutch, military clasp(gold, silver), yellow or black rubber clutch. more pins accessories

5. Finish plated: gold-plated, nickel, silver plated, nickel (silver), bronze, Matte, and other effects, and added a layer of The protection of transparent resin, epoxy.

6. Price depends on the quantity and lapel pin process. Also the different art will change the price. iron for cheap badges and copper for the best quality lapel pin.
Price desc:
clisonne > imitation enamel > stamped enamel, emboss badge > photo etched, printed badges

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