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The most popular for meta badges

Most of metal materials can be using to make metal badges


Copper: The only material for cloisonne badges . If you want to make the TOP classic lapel badges, we recommend cloisonne. This badges process comes from antique China and have a history over one hundred years.

Copper has a better looking than other metals, it's suitable for one fine metal pin badges.
As the higher costs, metal badges by copper is more expensive than badges made by other metals.

Brass: It's the regular material for enamel badges , embossed badge pins and die struck badges and custom coins. i.e., brass stamped with soft enamel, hard enamel.

Brass is welcomed by badge factory and customers for good specialty and cheaper than copper.

Bronze: The regular material for printed badges, especially offset printed badges pins. It have a golden look and colourful.

Iron, steel : cheaper cost and cheaper pin, iron stamped with soft enamel badges , and photo etched.

Zinc Alloy: Using for die cast, most of custom coins and challenge coin are using zinc alloy for a cheap cost than copper or brass. It doesn't mean a lower quality for zinc alloy. Zinc alloy badges or zinc alloy customized coins with kinds plated finishes will also have a good look.

Stainless Steel: The printed pins usually to use thin bronze and stainless steel.


Metal by price desc

Copper > Brass > Bronze Zinc Alloy > Stainless Steel > Iron > Aluminum

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